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Unum Diem

"You judge a civilization by how it treats its weakest"

By that measure, given all of the poverty on every continent of our earth and the legacy of "great" empires built on backs of slave labor, we are unfortunately failing as a civilization.

If we want to evolve into a "type 1 civilization," a civilization which can co-exist on a planet and not kill ourselves and destroy our planet, we need to recognize we are more alike than we are different. In the final analysis, every culture wants the same things. Love, safety and happiness for ourselves and our children. Our differences are truly smaller than we think. They can be reconciled.

We believe we can do this through the arts. Through music. With one song, written and peformed in every major language on the planet. We have begun with two cultures and languages which share more in common than you might think - American English and Haitian Creole. Two cultures which rised up to defeat opression and become a beacon of freedom to the world and show that

"you can build a city paved of gold, but it build it on your brothers hand and reap what you sow."

We will continue to record and perform One Day in every major language in the world until the voice is heard as one.

One Day. Maybe not tomorrow - but we have begun. If this resonates with you, read on.

New! Yon Jou (One Day) Acoustic Live at Water St.

Brian Sullivan: Yon Jou (One Day) [Acoustic Live At Water Street]

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Yon Jou (One Day) Haiti

Some people have said that Haiti has had "bad luck" or even "deserves" the tragedies it has endured because they practice voodoo. However, the real tragedy is the mass ignorance about Haiti. Long ago, Haiti was held down by the most powerful empires in the world. In fact, the French empire was built largely on the backs of the people of Haiti and its sugar crops. If you would like to learn more about this not so sweet story, check out The Price of Sugar movie.
What is now Citigroup did not help by buying Haiti's debt. For more info, check out Where Does Haiti Fit in Citigroupís Corporate History? What is the message? What can we learn from this? Now that we are starting to think about who we work for and do business with, the world will be a better place.

Yon Jou (One Day) Live Haiti Creole Mix Video:

Yon Jou (One Day) Haiti Creole Mix Video:


Siku Moja (One Day) Africa

They say "Don't Forget Where You Come From." The African continent is truly one of the most beautiful places on planet earth. We should all be proud we orginally come from there. Today, although there are struggles in Africa, there is far more good than you might realize if you just read mainstream news headlines.
About the artist Ugandan singer, Peace Kibirige has been active in many areas of helping the less fortunate including, children with HIV/AIDS camps, raising awareness and appreciation for African art and culture as well as being instrumental in helping to save the gorillas in the war-torn regions of the African continent.

One Day
(performed by Peace Kibirige words and music by Brian Sullivan)

you can build a city paved of gold
but build it on your brothers hand
and reap what you sow

people lying on the street living in poverty
there just has to be a better way

some day maybe not tomorrow
but we have begun
one day there will be no sorrow
and we will live as one

you can fight your brother over gods and land
but in the end we're all the same
as our fellow man

children dying on the streets living in poverty
there just has to be a better way


There are more than a billion people who don't have adequate housing.

Children and families are the largest growing segment of homeless in America.

Most money raised for good causes never gets to where it is supposed to because of corruption.

All the "great" empires were built on the backs of and with the hands of others.

The Internet is the single most powerful tool which mankind can use to reconcile its differences.